We reopen for you. Previous appointments program and special attention to certain groups.

May 5, 2020

On the way to «normality» Ley 57 Lawyers will be closer to you than ever. New schedule. Previous appointments and spatial attention to certain groups.

These days, labor and family matters will have to take priority, as they require an urgent solution as much as possible. Claims to initiate that could allow families to recover liquidity («suelo» clause, IRPH, advance amounts on account of non built apartments, revolving cards …) and second chance processes, will be equally preferred.

Throughout this same week Ley 57 Lawyers resumes its closest service and, after having adapted to current legislation, will open for personal appointments in cases that are required, according to the following protocol:

1.- Face-to-face appointments may be requested by calling 951 77 52 53, or WhatsApp 663 92 91 47. Depending on availability and urgency, a virtual interview may be proposed.

2.- There will be no waiting area enabled inside the office, so strict punctuality is requested.

3.- Payments will be made preferably by credit / debit card or paypal.

4.- In any case, a minimum distance of two meters must be guaranteed between clients and clients with workers.

5.- That a service schedule be established with priority service for people over 65 years of age at their authorized hours.

6.- Preference will be given to family and labor matters according to the urgency of the matter.

7.- At all times, the people who visit us must follow the health protocols, abstaining from attending if they have symptoms compatible with COVID 19 or contact with any affected person.

8.- We recommend the use of masks in the establishment.

¡Llama a nuestro teléfono gratuito 900 64 92 90!

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