9 April, 2020

100,000 million euros for PYMEs. This is how ICO guarantees work

April 9, 2020 Article by Jose Luis Huertas. Lawyer – Economist. Mercantile Department of Ley 57 Lawyers and Law Firm Jiménez y Asociados. THE GOVERNMENT’S GUARANTEES […]
21 March, 2020

Coronavirus. Flexibility options for business and self-employed.

March 21, 2020 One week after the Alarm Decree, and after the measures approved in the R.D. 8/2020 of March 17, this article schematically analyzes the […]
23 February, 2020

Do the IRPH have a few days to live?

February 24, 2020. Article by Salvador María. Lawyer Ley 57 Abogados. IRPH AND MARCH 3rd. A few days (March 3rd) of the resolution of the Court […]

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