22 July, 2020

Aifos´s Bankruptcy after eleven years. New hope for buyers.

July 22, 2020   Eleven years ago (the Writ of declaration of insolvency is of July 23, 2009) the commercial court n. 1 of Malaga declared […]
15 July, 2020

Covid 19. Mask is mandatory and legal consequences for business

July 15th, 2020   In an extraordinary BOJA of the Junta  the Junta de Andalucía (Official Newsletter of the Andalucian Regional Council) publishes the mandatory of […]
1 June, 2020

Aifos. High Court extends responsibility to two banks.

June 1st. 2020 The Provincial Court of Malaga estimates the appeal of the buyers and extends the responsibility for the return of the amounts advanced to […]
10 May, 2020

Businessmen of San Pedro Alcántara will meet tomorrow around the return of the activity with and without employees.

May 10, 2020 Organized by the event Apymespa, local business association, it will analyze the uncertainties and expectations of reopening, and the labor problems involved. Tomorrow, […]
5 May, 2020

We reopen for you. Previous appointments program and special attention to certain groups.

May 5, 2020 On the way to “normality” Ley 57 Lawyers will be closer to you than ever. New schedule. Previous appointments and spatial attention to […]
27 April, 2020

The application of the Second Chance Law cancels a debt of more than 600,000 euros claimed to a pensioner.

April 27, 2020 The Mercantile Court nº1 of Malaga concludes a long process that culminates with the exoneration of debt not satisfied by the now retired. […]
20 April, 2020

The Provincial Court of Malaga begins to notify sentences during confinement and condemns a bank to compensate an AIFOS victim.

April 20, 2020 The judgment, dated March 5, has been notified today, thus demonstrating the partial reactivation of Justice, and dismisses the appeal of the financial […]
31 March, 2020

Labor doubts regarding CORONAVIRUS? Send yours to WhatsApp 663 92 91 47

March 31, 2020 Today is the turn of the working people. The state of alarm and the government’s labor measures raise doubts among the population that […]
31 March, 2020

The government confirms that the self-employed can work and the people who work must carry this document.

March 31, 2020 The BOE of LAST NIGHT publishes Order SND / 307/2020, March 30, which establishes the interpretative criteria for the application of Royal Decree-Law […]

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