31 March, 2020

Labor doubts regarding CORONAVIRUS? Send yours to WhatsApp 663 92 91 47

March 31, 2020 Today is the turn of the working people. The state of alarm and the government’s labor measures raise doubts among the population that […]
31 March, 2020

The government confirms that the self-employed can work and the people who work must carry this document.

March 31, 2020 The BOE of LAST NIGHT publishes Order SND / 307/2020, March 30, which establishes the interpretative criteria for the application of Royal Decree-Law […]
29 March, 2020

Coronavirus. The government decrees the mandatory “stop” of non-essential activities.

March 28, 2020 In a television appearance, the President of the Government announced that the next Council of Ministers will approve the recoverable compulsory paid leave […]
2 February, 2020

El Tribunal Supremo aclara cuándo reproducir un trabajo universitario es plagio.

2 de febrero de 2020 La sentencia 20/2020 de 16 de enero resuelve a favor del alumno cuyo trabajo fue plagiado por su profesor. Así resuelve […]

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