Hundreds of those affected by AIFOS recover their money regardless of the bankruptcy.

November 16, 2020

Just a month before the prescription for new claims, 220 creditors have recovered eleven million euros outside the bankruptcy of the Developer.

Thousands of families took advantage of the low prices of AIFOS and the location of its buildings, which were widely publicized at the time with magazines, concerts and real estate fairs, to decide to change their residence, acquire their first or simply have a vacation place.

However, the fatal combination of irresponsible management and growth, the involvement of its executives in the Malaya Case (the promoter’s president was condemned for this), the acquiescence of the banks and the bursting of the real estate “bubble” led to the promoter to the bankruptcy declared in 2.009 (after some previous attempt to declare its necessary bankruptcy by different creditors).

Result: Dozens of abandoned buildings and thousands of undelivered homes.

The bankruptcy “trapped” 5,000 creditors, and the company, in liquidation since 2014, lacks the resources to return anything to buyers of unfinished apartments, to whom the bankruptcy law does not grant any priority.

Only a small group of families have so far followed the path opened in 2015 by the Supreme Court that holds financial entities responsible for the return of those income that they either guaranteed  or received without the mandatory endorsement established by an old law of the year 68 , today already repealed.

Of these, 220 families, represented by Ley 57 Lawyers, who began this path, have already recovered what they had paid for their undelivered apartment.

This is the case of Ángela, who recovered 48,000 euros in advance for an apartment in Cortijo de torre blanca (Fuengirola), Antonio, in the Cala del Sol Urbanization (Cádiz), who recovered 36,000, Dolores (from Guadalpín) who recovered 100,000 euros … and thus, up to 220 affected by dozens of unfinished promotions that have already disengaged from the contest for having recovered their money.

The last sentence, that of the family of Anthony, a Briton who bought his apartment to retire in Spain and who was never able to do so. Today, years after his retirement, at least he has been able to know that he will recover the 153,000.00 euros that he advanced to AIFOS.

Others are still awaiting trial, or appeal.

Those who have initiated their claim will not be affected by the prescription approved by the government 5 years ago. There are just a few weeks left, so the SOS VIVIENDA platform, coordinated by Ley 57 Lawyers, has made available to those affected a free telephone number (900 64 92 90) where they can present their matter


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