They bought an ilegal apartment and get compensation 17 years later.

21ste October 2020


The Provincial Court of Malaga confirms a sentence on a bank to return the 100.000 euros anticipated for a home in an illegal urbanization in Marbella.


The northeast area of ​​Marbella underwent important modifications in the Gil era, which granted illegal licenses to different developers who modified the planned landscape (according to the PGOU still in force, there would be single-family homes where now blocks with hundreds of floors are built).


This development in question, Santa María Green Hills, was a clear example of this, and it caught dozens of British people who bought off plan in their day with the intention of having a second home in Spain or coming directly to live.


The development entered the catalog of illegal developments, without being able to obtain the first occupation license and the developer entered into bankruptcy.


It was a Marbella court that issued a judgment condemning the Bank that had received the advances from this family, which had advanced more than 100.000,00 euros for their homes, but the bank appealed.


The confirmation has been slow to arrive but today the Provincial Court has confirmed the sentence, allowing buyers to recover their life savings.


As in this case, there are thousands of cases handled by the SOS Vivienda platform (Tlf. 900 64 92 90) coordinated by Law 57 Lawyers, reaching a success of 95% of the cases initiated. Today hundreds of families have in their possession the amount they considered lost.


It should be noted that cases not initiated before the end of the year could prescribe, given the reform of the limitation periods in 2015.

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